Rumour: the Fujitsu IS12T will debut Windows Phone Mango

Rumour: the Fujitsu IS12T will debut Windows Phone MangoNeedless to say Windows Phone 7.5, or Mango to most of us, is pretty damn important if Microsoft really is to stand the slightest chance of standing up to iOS and Android.

So you'd expect the platform to arrive on the wings of something like Samsung's proposed WinPho Galaxy S II equivalent, or maybe one of the new Nokias. But no, looks like the Mango Chosen One might be a phone called the Fujitsu IS12T.

Everyone knows the Far East phone market is fundamentally different to the rest of the world, so we tend to ignore most of the new product news that emerges from there, as it's not likely to have any relevance to us in the West.

And so it was with Nikkei's report on Fujitsu Toshiba's first ever Windows Phone handset, the aforementioned Fujitsu IS12T. We noted with mild indifference that it had gained its FCC and Bluetooth badges and was all good to launch on Japan's KDDI complete with its oddly sized 3.7in screen.

Then Nikkei dropped the bombshell that the handset, which is expected to launch next month, will be the first Windows Phone Mango phone launched worldwide.

That's before most of us were expecting, but given our almost complete lack of any further knowledge on this Fujitsu phone we can't really comment on how feasible or otherwise the story really is. Plus, we don't understand Japanese, which is an obstacle when trying to scan a Japanese news piece for nuance.

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