Rumoured: Nokia Lumia 928, EOS, Catwalk plus a phablet

Nokia phablet tipped as Elop promises new US flagship by mid-year

Rumoured: Nokia Lumia 928, EOS, Catwalk plus a phabletNokia's been in the news already today for its latest quarterly results, but there's also a fair bit of chatter on new products doing the rounds.

The FT is claiming the much-discussed EOS imaging flagship is coming soon together with a big-screen Nokia flagship, while Nokia CEO Stephen Elop has promised a new “Hero status” Lumia will launch in the US this very quarter – surely the Verizon-exclusive Lumia 928 we've been hearing about.

Elop delivered the news during his earnings call after Nokia announced its Q1 results, which revealed the company sold 5.6m Lumia Windows Phones in the three months ending in March.

The Nokia CEO suggested that number will continue to grow, promising that “later this quarter a new Lumia device is anticipated to have hero status with a leading US carrier”.

He added that the new device would “mark the beginning of a season of new product introductions” – whatever that means.

Maybe he's talking about the EOS and Catwalk we've heard about over and over in rumour pieces in recent months, and which popped up again together with a rumoured Nokia phablet in a FT piece this morning.

According to “those with knowledge of the company’s plans”, Nokia has several high-end handsets in the pipelines for this year, including a 5in-plus phablet that it says will be more advanced than the Samsung Galaxy Note II.

It also repeats rumours we heard this very week that a full-blown PureView Lumia is on the cards – or the EOS to use its supposed codename.

The article also mentions a “lighter and more advanced version” of the Lumia 920 – that would be the “Catwalk”, then – and “another lower priced version in the autumn”, which could be a next-generation Lumia 7xx or Lumia 8xx.

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richto  Apr. 18, 2013 at 20:08

Nokia are on target to sell circa 30 million Lumias this year. They are already outselling Blackberry nearly 6:1 in the US (4.1% versus 0.7%) , and that's one of Nokia's quietest markets!

JanSt / MOD  Apr. 19, 2013 at 00:34

Blackberry only NOW launched the Z10 in the USA ;)
And the last 'new' BB before that was the 9900 and some low midrangers.


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