S4BB accounts for almost one third of BlackBerry World’s apps

S4BB accounts for almost one third of BlackBerry World’s appsThe success of an app store (that’s the generic lower case) can make or break a platform, and for Windows Phone and BlackBerry 10, securing those big names quickly remains a problem; iOS and Android are very much the priority.

BlackBerry World is at least home to over 120,000 apps (as announced in May), but around a third of those appear to have been seeded by one single developer. Cripes.

BerryView initially made the observation, pointing out that S4BB Limited has over 47,000 apps in BlackBerry World.

That’s insanely prolific. A quick calculation shows that submitting one app per day, it’d take 127 years to reach 47,000.

And subtracting 47,000 from 120,000 would leave less than 100,000 apps on BlackBerry World. That’s pretty embarrassing.

One of my favourite S4BB Limited apps is Mega Shaver, which boasts: “Hear the distinctive sounds of a Shaver!” Amazing stuff. It has an average 4.5/5 rating, incidentally.

Or how about OutOfBattery? "Someone wants to borrow your BlackBerry but you don’t know how to say no? Don’t worry, OutOfBattery can display on your screen an empty battery with just one click." Wow. Just... wow.

Of course, Google Play and the App Store aren’t exactly free of terrible apps, and quality is far more important than quantity.

But still, you have to wonder who these S4BB Limited guys are, and how much money they’re making from their frankly outrageous portfolio.

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