How safe is Jailbreaking?

How safe is it to Jailbreak an iPhone or iPad? Slightly worried that I'll be left with a very expensive (but ultimately worthless!) brick! :p

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JanSt / MOD  Feb. 21, 2013 at 20:05

I jailbreaked a friend's iPhone 5 using Evasion (on 6.1). Very stable. If you are careful with what you install from Cydia there's no big risk.
Install one tweak at a time, reboot and see if it works without problems. Then the next tweak etc... That way you know if there's a tweak/mod that doesn't go well with your phone or another tweak. Don't go wild and install all the goodies in one go.
Having said that: unless you do something really mad, the worst that happens is that the phone will boot into safe mode. In safe mode it won't load any of the mods and tweaks; BUT it will load the Cydia app so that you can uninstall any suspicious app or mod/tweak.

A problem is that iTunes backups can be a bit hit and miss, and should you need to do a full restore via iTunes things can get complicated. iTunes will still back up all your 'normal' apps, settings, mail, music, etc, but obviously it won't back up the Cydia apps. (iTools and various other PC suites can do that, though). You can also back up your Cydia apps list and sync it to iTunes. It's not a backup of the apps, but a list of them. When you have to restore your phone and you want to reinstall all those Cydia apps and tweaks and themes, you can load that backup list and it'll all be downloaded in one go... Not perfect, but handy.

This is a short clip of how my mate's iPhone looks now... Very stable, and he claims battery life has been unchanged.

But whatever you do, read up a bit first. Know what you do; know what you don't know/understand. And see what's available. It may not be worth it in your opinion - so, ask yourself what you really need/want And: whatever happens, don't blame me :p


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