will samsung s 2 contract get cheaper in few months

Hi I knw no1 can predict the future,but does any1 know if the s2 is likely to get cheaper in near future ? Looking for hubby. Cuz I have htc desire contract ends in June..and I'm payin 25pm..but the price for it hasn't dramatically decreased. So will the s2 stay similar.

Thinking of tescos t mobile deal 24months at 20.42pm. I know there's deals via other online sellers like affordable mobiles but too scared to use them and redemption should I go for it now or wait til after xmas..


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TheGalaxy  Dec. 22, 2011 at 16:09

May well do when the Samsung Galaxy S3 is released, but as with most things really, the longer you wait the cheaper it will get, I'd imagine it will definitely get cheaper once it is no longer the best, or one of the , smartphones out there.


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