Samsung 8.9in Galaxy Tab in the works

Samsung 8.9in Galaxy Tab in the worksAt the start of the year Samsung spoke of its plan to be the world's leading mobile player within three years. Well it seems one of the cornerstones of its strategy is to swamp the market with so many devices that you'll have to be on a different planet to escape them. Or a different Galaxy.

Samsung's latest move to expand its Galaxy empire involves the tablet market – we're hearing that the Korean firm is lining up an 8.9in version of the Galaxy Tab, which will sit snugly between its original 7in and the new 10.1in slates.

Samsung has never made much of a secret of its plans to develop a range of Galaxy tablets. In fact, in mid-last year there were reports that the then-forthcoming Galaxy Tab would be coming in a trio of screen sizes.

Well, it may have taken longer than planned – the original story spoke of November and December launches for the 8in and 10in slates – but looks like all three are still very much on the cards.

Korea's Yonhap News Agency quotes a Samsung spokesperson as confirming the mid-size tablet's impending arrival, saying it will definitely be with us by the summer, but very possibly will launch as soon as next month.

Of course, that doesn't mean it'll hit the shelves in the UK then, but it's a step in the right direction.

The original 7in Galaxy Tab was for a long time viewed as the best tablet alternative to the Apple iPad, but its spec now looks dated in the light of the new dual-core Honeycomb slates that appeared at CES and Mobile World Congress, including Samsung's own Galaxy Tab 10.1.

With the 10.1in Tab due out during Q2, we imagine the 8.9-incher to be no less than a month or two behind, so that summer launch looks the most likely scenario. Now all we need to hear is whether Samsung is planning on bestowing the 7in Tab with a dual-core makeover anytime soon.

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