Samsung Ace II X

New to smartphones, I downloaded the "simple mp3 player" app, works great.
Problem is the songs (4) so far are being saved to the phone memory rather than the 16gig class10 micro sd card that's in the phone. I'm guessing I do not have something clicked or unclicked that should be in order to send the music to the memory card. I don't want to use the phone memory up and cause myself a pile of grief up the road. Can anyone help a ex flip phone old dude solve this. Many thanks,

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JanSt / MOD  Mar. 26, 2013 at 08:52

You can install something like Astro File Manager (in the Playstore) to move files or folders from internal SD to external SD-card. But moving a lot of tracks on the phone can be slow,
so, connect your Ace to your PC and move the folder that the Simple MP3 Player uses from internal to external SD.

Oh, wait: I think the Ace II has no mass storage mode; only MTP.
Easiest thing then might be to connect it to your PC and use KIES (Samsung's "PC suite" for smartphone management). You can browse content, copy, back up and move etc...
Also, I reckon the Simple MP3 Player has a settings menu - there you can probably assign default storage?!? Sorry, never used SMP3Player, nor the Ace 2...


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