Samsung aiming for 20nm and 14nm chips in 2013

Samsung aiming for 20nm and 14nm chips in 2013At the moment, Samsung’s flagship processor is the Exynos 4 Quad, based on a big fat (not really) 32nm process.

But Sammo has confirmed that it’s looking to shrink things down significantly in 2013, investing a whopping $1.9 billion into the production of 20 and 14nm chipsets. Cripes.

At the mo, it’s Qualcomm leading the field with the 28nm Snapdragon S4 processor. Alas, it’s in short supply.

Specifics of Samsung’s 20 and 14nm efforts are unknown at this early stage, but we expect efficient this and that in abundance.

Stephen “Stevie” Woo, president of Samsung Electronics’ System LSI Business, purred: “With the construction of our new System LSI 
fabrication line, Samsung will be able to respond to the demand of the global IT industry and strengthen our ability to support 
our customers’ requirements even further.”

Gartner reckons demand for mobile chips will grow by an average of more than 20% over the next few years, resulting in $59.4 billion demand in 2016. That’s a lot of smartphones and tablets, man.

via: Samsung

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