Samsung and Apple ordered by judge to go away and talk to each other

Samsung and Apple ordered by judge to go away and talk to each other

So, Apple and Samsung are not the best of friends right now. We've established that. Tit for tat lawsuits and blockages of sales abound. What they need to do is sit down and have a good old chat - face to face - about how to sort it out.

Yep, the method Mrs Collins used to apply to us in school is the same being used by a US judge which has basically sent the squabbling pair away and told them to just talk to each other. They won't be left alone to it though - a magistrate in San Fransisco will head up (and possibly mediate) the encounter.

Tim Cook will take part as will Samsung's most senior figure, CEO Choi Gee-Sung. But we can't see it being a case of the two just having a chat since they'll also have their general counsels there participating too.

There are so many legal cases ongoing because of this bitter dispute right now - Apple reckons that Samsung's Galaxy brand copies the iPhone and iPad. The word 'slavishly' has been muttered in court. Samsung countersued. And this is just in the US!

Add to that, there are more that 20 legal battles between the pair being played out in 10 countries and you can see just what a spaghetti mess of legalese this is. And Samsung is obviously feeling buoyed on by the fact that it's overtaken Nokia as the world's biggest seller of handsets.

We hope this reaches a successful conclusion and they can both just get along. But not at the risk of compromising the spirit of competition. And even if they do shake little fingers and make friends, remember Steve Jobs apparently vowed to 'destroy' Android. Without that, hypothetically, Samsung would have to rely on Bada.


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Pondlife  Apr. 18, 2012 at 18:58

Jobs was good for a soundbite. They definitely could have done more to suppress android though.
Hard to imagine them kissing and making up anyway.

socialjeebus  Apr. 19, 2012 at 03:38

They'll have to make-up eventually. Despite Apple's supposed efforts to find new suppliers (investing in factories in Japan, buying components from LG, etc) all they have actually done is increase orders from Samsung.

Likewise Samsung don't want to turn down Apple's very lucrative orders, thus the numerous but largely inconsequential lawsuits between the too. Years of litigation, millions of dollars down the drain and what has been the result so far? A few tabs not getting sold in Oz & Germany, potential blockade of Apple products being lifted, a few software updates here and there and Apple and Samsung are both still at square one. It's just a shame none of the other manufacturers are in any position to capitalise on the situation, it might have taught them a lesson.


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