Samsung vs Apple: Samsung takes a swipe at New iPad

Samsung vs Apple: Samsung takes a swipe at New iPadWhat's the difference between Samsung's tablets and Apple's? Apart from the OS, it's the fact that Apple's offerings are not too vast and fairly easy to navigate. Samsung's on the other hand are just downright confusing, and we've long since given up trying to keep count of just how many variants of Galaxy tablet there actually are now. 

And while Apple may have had the tech world's attention last night as it unveiled its latest iPad, Samsung's keen to do a bit of territory marking with a comparison chart pitting the Galaxy Note 10.1 against Apple's new offering.

The selling point of the Note? Well, it's got a stylus (sorry, S-Pen) which Samsung insists is "optimised for precision writing/drawing" and allows you to "write as you would with pen/pencil and paper" as well as being able to work in two apps simultaneously and has both expandable memory and a USB slot.

In a footnote, Samsung goes on to say that the Galaxy Note 10.1 is "lighter and thinner than the new iPad", has USB host functionality and a microSD slot.

We can't help wondering if this is just Samsung getting its own back on Apple for its denigration of the Galaxy's Twitter capabilities last night as it told the world about iPad 3. Then again, the two companies are sworn enemies right now, so a little tit-for-tat is not so unexpected.

Unfortunately for Samsung, good as the Galaxy Note may be, it simply doesn't have the pizazz of the iPad in the eyes of the everyday non-tech savvy consumer. And whether Samsung likes it or not, that's where most of the money is.

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