Samsung to make Bada open source

Samsung to make Bada open sourceWith all the Android-related patent nonsense of late, not to mention Google’s recent acquisition of Motorola, Samsung appears to be seriously weighing up its smartphone options.

The South Korean manufacturer is “planning to make Bada software an open source platform next year." That’s according to “a person familiar with the matter” speaking to the Wall Street Journal.

In making Bada open source, software engineers would be able to tinker with the source code for free, as is the case with Google’s popular OS – you might’ve heard of it before – Android.

Bada has received fairly positive feedback, including a rare thumbs-up from our resident ranter, one Jan Stuhlmacher, who described it as “a combination of the best of Symbian mixed with a dose of Android”.

However, Strategy Analytics’ Neil Mawston suggests: "For Samsung to be successful with opening Bada it will need to be launched in the United States market, because that is where the most powerful developers and consumers are found.

“If Bada does not get traction in the huge U.S. market, then the odds will be stacked against success.”

At the moment, Samsung has its fingers in pretty much all the pies. On top of Bada and Android, it’s also developing phones for Windows Phone 7, and last week 5,000 developers received a Samsung-built Windows 8 tablet.

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matt101101 / MOD  Sep. 21, 2011 at 16:15

I heard this earlier this week, it's fantastic news. Bada phones are great, Jan's description of a cross between Symbian and Android is pretty accurate, but it has the best bits of both, IMO. They do need to start selling Bada phones in the US though, otherwise it'll most probably never really take off. Samsung should stop messing around with WP7 and just make more Bada phones, it's a far better OS, in pretty much every respect. Mainly the fact it doesn't look like the love child of a crayola set and some Lego, like the horrid Metro UI does.

JanSt / MOD  Sep. 21, 2011 at 16:36


The original Wave I reviewedwhen it was launched lasted a full 2 days with a LOT of webzy use, and at the time there was no Opera Mini for the Wave, so I had to use alot more 3G with the stock browser...


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