Samsung beats iPhone into third place in customer satisfaction

Samsung beats iPhone into third place in customer satisfactionAndroid might be taking over the world, but Apple still prides itself on the lack of fragmentation in iOS, a lucrative home for developers in the App Store, and regularly coming top in customer satisfaction polls.

But wait! According to a 2013 smartphone customer satisfaction poll by the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), Samsung has taken first and second place.

That’s what the ACSI says in a meaty press release complete with accompanying table and quotes and that.

Looking at said table, the former flagship Samsung Galaxy S III takes first place with a score of 84 out of 100. Joining it at the top of the table is the 5.5in Samsung Galaxy Note 2, also on 84.

Down in third is customer satisfaction favourite the iPhone – specifically the iPhone 5, which manages a still impressive 82 out of 100. The iPhone 4S managed 82 also, and they’re closely followed by the iPhone 4 on 81.

Down at the bottom are the BlackBerry Curve and Bold, with a slightly worrying 67 and 64 respectively.

As for quotes, ACSI Director David VanAmburg yells: “Not only does Samsung edge ahead of all iPhones, Apple customers themselves don’t see much difference between the iPhone 4, 4S or 5.

“The latest earnings report from Apple was better than expected, but the name of the game for Apple has always been innovation.” Way to put a downer on things, Dave.

Earlier this year, Apple topped an ACSI poll by manufacturer, though the firm notes that Apple doesn’t - like Samsung - sell feature phones, which typically rank lower.

Yeah, those ACSI guys seem to like their Samsung.

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