Samsung beats Nokia (dumb); Apple beats everyone (smart)

Samsung beats Nokia (dumb); Apple beats everyone (smart)In Western Europe, Samsung has overtaken Nokia to become the number one manufacturer in the mobile market. That’s according to the brilliantly-named International Data Corporation European Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker.

Samsung’s year-on-year shipments increased by 5.3%, giving the South Korean manufacturer 29.3% market share. Nokia dropped into second place as their year-on-year shipments fell by 10.3%. Eek.

Apple, meanwhile, rules the proverbial roost in the world of smartphones. They have 20.8% market share, followed by Nokia (19.6%), RIM and HTC (16.5% each) and Samsung (12.1%).

Francisco Jeronimo, European mobile devices research manager at IDC, said: "Nokia is one of the most recognized and appreciated brands in Europe, but Samsung was the one understanding the trends first and moving faster. Samsung understood early the trend on touchscreen devices and became the market leader on feature-phones by providing a full range of devices at very competitive prices.

“On smartphones, Samsung has quickly moved to Android as well as investing in its own platform, Bada. Flexibility and being able to address all market segments have contributed to Samsung's ability to quickly adjust to the market trends.

“Apple, on the other hand, coming from nowhere in the mobile phone business, capitalized on its strong brand and user-experience innovation. It took years for competitors to come up with devices that could challenge consumers' preference for the iPhone."

Smartphones accounted for 47% of mobile shipments in Western Europe, while Android is the most popular OS with 35.7% maket share.

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JanSt / MOD  May. 7, 2011 at 12:06

They are UNITS SHIPPED, not SOLD ;)
Another bit of 0-value fluff from our friends at the IDC #pah

Read the following article to see how IDC analysts wobble depending on what conclusion they need in order to please whoever pays for their piffle services (yes, OMG, someone pays them. They aren't the welfare, ye know...)


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