Samsung not bothered about iPad display snub

Samsung not bothered about iPad display snubThere have been all sorts of rumours swirling around the strained relationship between California’s Apple and South Korea’s Samsung, including component price hikes and the former supposedly ditching the latter as a supplier.

That’s what we’re hearing again; that Samsung is being snubbed when it comes to the new iPads later this year. But Samsung? It’s not worried.

ETNews reports words from the mouth of Oh-hyun Kwon, Vice Chairman of Samsung Electronics.

Speaking to the press, Kwon purred: “the orders can go up and down in the course of any business – some are sensitive about the issue, but I am not worried about it.”

The article goes on to suggest that Apple has in fact already sent parts estimates to suppliers for the iPad mini 2 and fifth generation iPad, with Samsung Display failing to appear on the list of recipients.

Traditionally, with iPad displays, we’d expect to see Samsung in there with Japanese manufacturer Sharp and fellow South Koreans LG, but not so this year. Supposedly.

As for Kwon’s quote, he’s referring to the “possible” slash of parts orders as opposed to a concrete cut, so we’ll take this story with a pinch of salt for now.

In any case, there’s no love lost between Apple and Samsung, with the iPhone 5S and Samsung Galaxy S4 set to kick seven shades of smartphone out of each other later this year.

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