Samsung brewing foldable tablet-to-smartphone device for early 2015?

Samsung brewing foldable tablet-to-smartphone device for early 2015?As evidenced by countless YouTube videos and trade show demonstrations, Samsung is eagerly looking forward to a future wherein mobile technology gets real bendy.

Fresh whispers from out east suggest the South Korean manufacturer could reveal a device that essentially folds from a tablet into something more akin to a smartphone, with an ETA of early next year.

That’s the good word according to a Google Translation of an article on Korean-language Daum.

Reading between nonsense words like “haeohda” and “sangmugeup”, the upshot seems to be that we’ll eventually meet a device that folds not once but twice, possibly in similar fashion to Samsung's 2012 patent filing (above/left).

In terms of display sizes, it seems that the tablet will measure 9in when fully extended, with what’s effectively a smartphone measuring 5in when the beast is folded.

The logic here is that one size can’t meet all potential portable device needs, hence the existence of the largely independent smartphone and tablet markets. You might want all 9in if you’re watching a movie, for example, but you don’t necessarily need the hugeness when texting.

Being able to fold the tablet into something smaller would obviously make it more portable, too.

Forgive us for sounding cynical, but with years of broken foldable/bendy screen promises under our collective Mobo-belt, we won’t hold our breath for this thing becoming a reality any time soon. But hey, by all means prove us wrong with a CES/MWC launch. And no, a behind-the-scenes demonstration doesn’t count.

via: Phone Arena

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JanSt / MOD  Jun. 14, 2014 at 20:02

Say people accept a 12 mm smartphone. That'd make it a 4mm tablet. Yep, feasible, seeing how it'd gave to be of quite a sturdy make for the extra wear and tear. Pffft.... It'd be a niche thingy. Something scientists can use "in the wild". Bulky.

Also: I have seen similar drawings 10 years ago.
And's summer. Time to pass to the iPhones and the next Note etc.

shuwaz  Jun. 15, 2014 at 16:28

Cant wait to see the case for this one, silicone of course!


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