Samsung bringing TouchWiz UI to the Galaxy Tab

Samsung bringing TouchWiz UI to the Galaxy TabSamsung's TouchWiz user interface heads up a list of new features that have been announced as coming soon to the company's 10.1in Galaxy Tab.

The Android tablet will also be receiving Swype support as well as new hubs and business features, as Samsung continues its habitual tweaking of its tablet lineup. Now if it could just get around to launching it in the UK...

The TouchWiz UI will be familiar to users of Samsung's Galaxy smartphones, but so far there has been no sign of it making the graduation to the larger form factor. That's all set to change, though, with Samsung promising TouchWiz will be “coming soon” to the 10.1in Galaxy Tab, along with a host of other updates.

TouchWiz for tablets will feature a Live Panel, offering quick access to commonly used features such as news, weather, and e-mail, while a mini apps tray will provide instant access to apps like the clock, calendar, and task manager.

There's also a clipboard for advanced cut/copy/paste, and an Indicator Quick Panel for accessing Wi-Fi settings, along with sound, brightness, and other adjustments.

The update will also bring Swype, which lets you type simply by swiping a finger around the screen, along with various hubs that allow easy access to specific content like media, email and books, while business users will be interested in new encryption features and more robust authentication policies.

You'll also be able to purchase and rent movies on the Galaxy Tab, while the likes of Amazon Music Cloud Player, Amazon Kindle and Words With Friends will be preloaded.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is all set to touch down in the UK on August 4, so with any luck the new update will be up and running by then!

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Stelph  Jul. 6, 2011 at 15:01

Hang on, how is this a good thing? Part of the reason, I had thought, that Google had witheld the SDK and working with only a few manufacturers was to prevent the manufactuers from skinning Honeycomnb and going back to the "never get an update" fragmentation situation that we are with with Android 2.x???


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