Samsung concedes software is rubbish, 50% of R&D force working to improve it

Samsung concedes software is rubbish, 50% of R&D force working to improve itSamsung might’ve thoroughly established itself as the top smartphone and overall mobile manufacturer, but even it concedes that there’s room for improvement at the top.

In addition to admitting that the Samsung Galaxy Gear is pee-pee poor (here and again here), the South Koreans say that 50% of their R&D workforce is currently dedicated to improving their software.

That’s the news out of Samsung’s Analyst Day, as relayed by SamMobile. To be fair to the Samsung diehards, even they admit that TouchWiz has “become more and more slow, bloated, and unoptimized as Samsung has continued to cram in every feature possible”.

It’s the age-old problem with Android. One of the supposed benefits is the ability for manufacturers to tailor the experience; the Samsung Galaxy S4 is significantly different from the HTC One, for example.

However, all too often that tailored experience amounts to a ton of resource-hogging nonsense.

Samsung went rather over-the-top with the Samsung Galaxy S4, cramming in so many features that only 9GB of the advertised 16GB internal storage was available to the user. Anne Robinson was not happy.

And while we're talking Samsung software, what the hell's the point in Group Play? Has anyone seriously ever stood in a circle of Samsung Galaxy S4-owning friends and all played the same song? You'd rightfully be mauled.

Anyway, yes, it’s nice to hear that Samsung is apparently putting a ton of work into its software, but we’re equally hoping that the next Galaxy S flagship is something more than a same-old hunk of plastic.

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