Is Samsung contemplating fingerprint security too?

Is Samsung contemplating fingerprint security too?The standout feature on the imminent iPhone 5S is tipped to be, er, fingerprint security. Hey, it has to have something to differentiate it from the iPhone 5, right? The iPhone 4S, of course, had Siri.

Anyway! Shiny new rumours suggest Apple isn’t alone in considering fingerprint security, as a host of hidden images found deep in a Galaxy S3 have incriminated South Korea’s Samsung.

Credit goes to – surprise, surprise – SamMobile, which in turn credits a “well known themer” called Kalagas.

Delving deep into the Samsung Galaxy S3, specifically into SecSettings.apk, Kalagas found a set of intriguing images, several clearly showing fingerprints.

It’s not immediately clear what the images were intended for, but the presence of a check mark (or “tick”, if you prefer) suggests there might’ve been some sort of verification process. Y’know, fingerprint verification.

A further image shows a finger hovering over the bottom of a Samsung device, around where the Home button resides.

Was Samsung considering fingerprint security as far back as the Samsung Galaxy S3? It sure seems like it. Of course, we’ve now got the Samsung Galaxy S4, and still no sign of the technology.

Perhaps it’ll make its way to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, but we reckon it’s more likely to debut on the Samsung Galaxy S5 – if at all.

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JanSt / MOD  May. 22, 2013 at 12:35

Never been done before - except for those times when Android and iOS didn't even exist - on WinMo. "Ooh, I cut my thumb, and now I can't unlock me phone. And it's hurty!"


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