Samsung to debut bendable tablet/laptop hybrid at MWC 2014?

Samsung to debut bendable tablet/laptop hybrid at MWC 2014?Samsung will likely have its hands full at next week’s Mobile World Congress (MWC), with the launch of the long-awaited and much-discussed Galaxy S5 flagship. But that’s not the only thing the South Koreans have up their sleeves.

We’re told to expect a bendable tablet/laptop hybrid, though there’s a good chance it’ll be for behind-the-scenes eyes only.

That’s the story over on Korea’s ET News, with the headline: The first bendable tablet PC is introduced.

The tablet can supposedly bend up to ninety degrees – or a “right angle”, if you prefer. As such, at full bend (or thereabouts), the tablet could function as a laptop of sorts.

There’s no specific detail given, but presumably that means the lower portion of the tablet would offer a virtual keyboard, with the other half serving as a pseudo laptop display.

“SEC will disclose a tablet PC that can be bent up to 90º at MWC,” begins an “industry insider well-versed in SEC.” SEC, of course, being Samsung Electronics Co.

He/she continues: “It is very unlikely that it will be disclosed to the general public, and it will be introduced only to VIPs and key figures of the industry in a closed-door exhibition.”

Samsung has long been touting flexible display technology at trade shows, but we’ve yet to see much evidence of it in, like, real life.

Last October, Samsung announced the Galaxy Round, a smartphone bizarrely bent around the y-axis. Unsurprisingly, it failed to set the world ablaze.

It’s probably reasonable to expect that word of the flexible Samsung tablet/laptop will trickle out unofficially from MWC, as was the case with those foldable displays at Analyst Day last year.

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