Samsung denies upping its processor prices on Apple

Samsung denies upping its processor prices on AppleA Samsung official has denied rumours emerging this week that it's raising the price it charges Apple for its application processors by as much as 20%.

The unnamed Samsungite told Korean paper The Hankyoreh that any negotiations over component prices would only take place in the New Year, and even then, prices generally remain level unless “special cost factors” come into play.

The original story quoted the ubiquitous “person familiar with negotiations between the two” as saying Apple had objected to the price increase at first, but couldn't find a replacement supplier in time and so was left with little choice but to agree to Samsung's terms.

Given the increasingly frosty relationship between the two companies – easily the two leading players in the mobile industry these days – the claim seemed legitimate, or legitimate enough to be worth reporting, anyway.

But with a Samsung official having now denied the claims, it seems the original source wasn't as “familiar with negotiations” as we first thought.

The current deal for Apple to use Samsung's processors runs until 2014, and recent reports suggest Apple is working hard to line up alternative suppliers. Any price increase in the meantime is only likely to intensify that process.

Via The Verge

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redtedxxx  Nov. 16, 2012 at 09:44

With the markup apple have even a 20% increase won't have that much impact


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