Samsung: Nokia buyout rumours 'not true'

Samsung: Nokia buyout rumours 'not true'First, Samsung was buying RIM - that turned out to be a load of old baloney.

Now, Samsung's buying Nokia, apparently. But don't worry - that's rubbish too. Samsung's firmly put that idea to bed with an unequivocal "no".

Reuters got on the case after the reports surfaced a few days ago but Samsung has come back and said that it is "purely speculative" and "not true". That's a direct quote from Sammy itself so we think it's pretty safe to accept.

Not that Nokia has come out of it all any worse off. It may not like the idea of being taken over by a rival, but its share price went up 6% last week as the rumours spread. Unfortunately, following Samsung's flat denial, they're back down 2%. Oh well.

To rub salt into the wound, there's also the fact that Nokia is no longer the world's best selling mobile phone maker - that crown now belongs to... yup, Samsung, which is also the world's leading smartphone maker too for good measure.

It's probably all for the best if we think about it carefully. Nokia's come under flak over the last few years for its decision to ditch Symbian and move into Windowsville. Some have said the company lacks direction although Stephen Elop's move to switch to Microsoft was clearly designed to get the company back on track.

Could you imagine if Samsung took over and then had to stick to Windows Phone? Yes, Samsung does make some successful WP handsets but its bread and butter is now firmly Android. Oh well, never mind Nokia.

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satchef1  Jun. 12, 2012 at 00:02

It was never going to happen. If they attempted to buy Nokia it would just trigger a bidding war with Redmond. Given Nokia are more valuable to Microsoft than Samsung (or anyone else), and given Microsoft's cash stores, it would seem unlikely that anyone else could purchase them without paying well over the odds.


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