Samsung Electronics: £3.8 billion profit in Q2

Samsung Electronics: £3.8 billion profit in Q2If Samsung were to publish a book about its Q2, a fitting title might be “How to Make a Sh*tload of Money in Three Months”.

And the star of said book? Why, the record setting, much-hyped, quad-core Samsung Galaxy S III, of course.

Samsung Electronics has said that it expects its operating profits to leap 79% in Q2, thanks in no small part to its Galaxy smartphones.

To be fair, it’s not all about the Samsung Galaxy S III. The South Koreans offer a range or smartphones at a range of price points, including the still popular Samsung Galaxy Ace, and the Samsung Galaxy Note phablet.

However, Frost & Sullivan analyst, Andrew Milroy, warns that Samsung's smartphone success could be hiding poor performance in other areas.

Speaking to BBC News, Andy says: "Some of its other business units haven't been doing too well. To some extent, the smartphone business has been masking this. Most of their profits are coming from the smartphone business, so there are clouds on the horizon for some of the other parts of Samsung's business, for sure."

Big releases expected from Samsung in Q3/Q4 include the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. They’ll be hoping to steal some of the limelight from the iPhone 5.

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