Samsung ‘Facebook phone’ on the cards?

Samsung ‘Facebook phone’ on the cards?In the name of the great dragon lords above. Just when you thought it was safe to banish the phrase “Facebook phone” to the burgeoning annals of mobile disasters, it’s back for another spin on the rumour mill. Oh for f…

Seemingly undeterred by the utter embarrassment that was the almost-immediately-discontinued HTC First, Facebook has reportedly flown into South Korea to talk hardware with Samsung.

That’s the story over on The Korea Times, which credits unnamed “officials” who describe the meeting as “win-win”; Samsung needs content, Facebook needs hardware.

Nothing is specifically said about a Facebook phone, to be fair, but this quote sounds more than a tad ominous: "As Facebook is focusing on an ecosystem in social networks, the company needs a trustable business partner in hardware and I believe Samsung is the right company.”

Of course, the whole thing could be entirely innocent. Maybe there’s no Samsung Facebook phone on the cards at all. The South Koreans have their problems at the moment, yes, but I seriously doubt Facebook is the answer. What more could consumers want beyond a free app and a widget? Let’s not forget; Facebook Home was a colossal failure, too.

A more plausible explanation is something Oculus-related. Oculus helped Samsung develop the Gear VR, and it’s owned by – you guessed it – Facebook. Maybe this talk of “futuristic products” pertains to the inevitable Gear VR successor.

Yeah, let’s not panic just yet. Samsung Facebook phone? Surely not. Surely?

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JanSt / MOD  Oct. 17, 2014 at 16:13

Somehow... whenever I hear FB, I think Samsung and vice versa... A perfect match.


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