Samsung Fit, Gio and Galaxy Mini join the Ace in the arrivals lounge

Samsung Fit, Gio and Galaxy Mini join the Ace in the arrivals loungeJust yesterday we were wondering what the Samsung Galaxy Ace's appearance on the company's Singapore site was all about. We needn't have bothered.

Today we crawled out from under our Mobot bedspread to find the details are all over Samsung's mother site in Korea: the Galaxy Ace is real, official and spoiling for a smartphone fight. It's not alone, either, as Sammy has casually tossed another three new Android-powered handsets into battle, just for the sake of it.

We'll go in order of screen size, with all three lining up nicely behind the Galaxy Ace like a stack of ever-smaller smartphone dominoes.

The Samsung Fit, or the S5670, comes in with a 3.31in screen running at a modest 240 x 320 resolution, and like all the new arrivals has been fitted with Android 2.2 Froyo. You also get a 5-megapixel camera and a 600MHz processor filling the engine bay.

Next up is the slightly smaller Gio S5660, giving you a still-smaller 3.2in screen but at a higher 320 x 480 resolution. The camera is a 3-megapixel affair.

Lastly we have the Galaxy Mini S5570, which we first caught wind of a couple of weeks back. It's the smallest of the lot with its 3.14in screen but otherwise matches the Gio in most respects.

What does it all mean, apart from the fact that Samsung is obsessed by Android and thinks you should choose screen sizes like shoe sizes? Not a lot, we suspect, as all four of these new blowers don't seem to have much to distinguish them from the mid-range norm. We'll know more when we get our grubby mitts on them over the next few months.

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