Samsung Galaxy S 2011 Edition is coming, but not to the UK

Samsung Galaxy S 2011 Edition is coming, but not to the UKSamsung has announced the European launch of the Galaxy S 2011 Edition, a variation on the Galaxy S we all know and love.

It's a strange move considering the replacement Galaxy S II is already available, but either way it's unlikely to affect us too much here in the UK, as the handset won't be crossing the Channel and landing on our shores.

Samsung certainly is squeezing plenty of life out of the Galaxy range. Aside from the various twists that have spun off the core range, such as the Galaxy Ace, Fi, Neo and Mini, the mainstream Galaxy has now spawned the original, the Galaxy S and the latest version – the Galaxy S II.

But it gets even more complicated. The Galaxy S II has been produced with two different processors for different parts of the world, and there's also likely to be an update that adds an NFC chip in coming months too.

So the last thing we need is yet another Galaxy model to confuse the issue further, right?

Well, Samsung doesn't seem to agree, as it's polished up the Galaxy S and stuck in a beefier processor to create the Galaxy S 2011 Edition. The Android Gingerbread campaigner is unchanged on the outside from the original Galaxy S, and is still dominated by a 4in AMOLED touchscreen, but under the surface it's a new 1.4GHz processor doing the heavy lifting, coupled with a more powerful 1,650mAh battery to handle the extra load.

The new model is already on sale in Russia and Korea, and has been cleared to launch in our near European neighbour the Netherlands.

But it won't be coming here, Samsung says, and while we're normally disappointed to hear that a new phone isn't heading our way, in this case we can't help but feeling we'll get by just fine with all those other Galaxy phones we have to choose from.

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JanSt / MOD  Jun. 8, 2011 at 12:33

”a handset we all know and love”???? Whoa, easy... I hated the Galaxy S :p

blizzard7  Jun. 8, 2011 at 14:07

Dreadful making scheme.


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