Samsung Galaxy Alpha arriving August with metal body?

Samsung Galaxy Alpha arriving August with metal body?Last month, I asked: Are the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime and Galaxy F two different things? Well, we’re still none the wiser, and now we have a new chap to add to the mix.

Enter: the Samsung Galaxy Alpha, a premium handset with a metal body. Stop me if this sounds familiar.

Incredibly, it’s been almost a year (ok, 10 months) since the first mention of the Samsung Galaxy F, with the upshot being that the South Korean manufacturer will – we’re continually promised – pump out a handset even higher up the ladder than the Galaxy S5 – one with a metal body.

We’ve also referred to said premium handset as the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime, though it might simply be an enhanced Galaxy S5 with souped-up internals.

Still with me? Now reports from Korea (hello, ETNews) suggest we’ll meet a Samsung Galaxy Alpha before the inevitable Galaxy Note 4, and that this will be an annual thing, so Sammo effectively has three big players (S, Alpha, Note) going forward.

It’s all outrageously confusing, but things should become a whole lot clearer over the next couple of months. According to reports, the Samsung Galaxy Alpha release could take place as early as August, just in time to spoil the iPhone 6 launch party.

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