Samsung Galaxy Alpha leaked in new pics

Samsung Galaxy Alpha leaked in new picsSamsung Galaxy S5 Prime, Galaxy F, Galaxy Alpha… I think for the good of my sanity, we should simply stick with the Samsung Galaxy Alpha here and temporarily forget the others. Deal? Deal.

Behold! The Samsung Galaxy Alpha has been leaked in a new series of pictures, revealing a phone with some metal bits on it.

For almost a year now we’ve been speculating about a metallic Samsung flagship, and this thing here appears to be the real deal: the Samsung Galaxy Alpha, side by side with the larger Galaxy S5.

Oddly, the metal appears on the side of the Samsung Galaxy Alpha only, with the rear adopting instead perforated faux leather. Nyoh my gawd.

The jury’s still out on exactly where the Galaxy Alpha fits in the grand spectrum of Samsung smartphones, and indeed, over on SamMobile, the Galaxy Alpha is described as both “an iPhone killer” (absurd) and “another watered-down variant of the Galaxy S5” with “the same display as the Galaxy S III”.

That being the case, I guarantee you the Samsung Galaxy Alpha will sell a fraction of the volume of the iPhone 6.

For what it’s worth, other rumoured Samsung Galaxy Alpha specs include a 4.7in display, 32GB internal storage without microSD, and the obligatory fingerprint scanner.

Certainly not the better-than-Galaxy-S5 “premium” handset we were expecting, but then maybe the Galaxy F is a separate thing. Hopefully Samsung will shed some light sooner rather than later, because I - for one - am absolutely baffled.

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JanSt / MOD  Jul. 24, 2014 at 13:02

Pics and rumoured specs combined: hogwash...


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