The Samsung Galaxy Alpha's iPhone-flattering design revealed

The Samsung Galaxy Alpha's iPhone-flattering design revealed

We continue to be ever so slightly confused by the Samsung Galaxy Alpha: it's gonna be expensive, like the flagship Galaxy S5, but not as good; it's also likely to be announced within weeks of the arrival of the Galaxy Note 4, the latest in Samsung's second flagship line.

So what is the Galaxy Alpha supposed to be competition for? Simple, or at least it is based on the latest leak from Galaxy Alpha-ville: it's targeted directly at the Apple iPhone.

Vietnam's Tinhte has surfaced some photos tweeted by @culeaks that get straight to what the Galaxy Alpha is all about – by showing it side by side with an iPhone 5s.

From the start, rumours about the Galaxy Alpha have concentrated on its premium physical attributes, including its metal chassis and claimed slender dimensions.

And the pics we're looking at today hammer those attributes home. The Galaxy Alpha is quite a bit thinner than Apple's finest, suggesting rumours of a 6mm waistline are probably accurate.

But how about that metal rim? It looks smart enough, but let's be honest – you don't need an iPhone anywhere nearby to see the resemblance.

If you're in any doubt, another pair of higher-quality images that popped up on Weibo yesterday and can now be seen at the top of the same Tinhte thread should settle the argument. See how the slightly chamfered edge becomes more pronounced at the top and bottom of the handset? Looks an awful lot like... well, you know the rest.

But let's face it, Samsung's no stranger to flattery by imitation, so will probably face up to any criticism with a straight face. What's possibly more interesting is how Samsung's going to approach promoting two premium devices (this and the Galaxy Note 4) simultaneously, and what their arrival will mean for a third, the Galaxy S5.

Pushing the Alpha as an iPhone rival based on prestige and premium construction and the Galaxy Note 4 as a kind of geek's flagship because of its high-end spec is fair enough, but launching them together risks painting the Galaxy S5 as being short of the mark on both counts.

We'll find out soon enough. The Galaxy Note 4 is set to launch at a pre-IFA 2014 Unpacked event on 3 September, while the Galaxy Alpha's announcement date is less clear, but it's expected to break cover slightly ahead of its stylus-equipped brother.

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JanSt / MOD  Aug. 5, 2014 at 17:37

I guess "not as good" as the SGS5 is relative. In an attempt to make up for "nothing new, really" the last 18 months have seen ridiculously overspecced devices... 3GB RAM? Really? How much better will that make your 2MP selfies.... And Candy Crush will finally run as god wanted it to run.
Z2, Z1; M7; M8.... Upgrades?
Hey, if someone wants a mediocre Samsung with iPhone/Lumia kind of build quality** (**as is showing it off.... Galaxies have perfectly adequate build quality)...why not? 20,000 Android devices... There's gotta be a niche.
Makes more sense than the 41st budget Galaxy ....


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