Samsung Galaxy Core: S2-style specs, dual-SIM compatibility

Samsung Galaxy Core: S2-style specs, dual-SIM compatibilityNot content with the 842 million new Galaxy models it's unveiled already this year, South Korea’s top dog has lifted the lid on the spanking new Samsung Galaxy Core.

Looking at the spec sheet, the Samsung Galaxy Core appears to be a slightly more modest version of the Samsung Galaxy S2. Which is exactly what the world has been crying out for, right?

Diving straight in, Samsung Galaxy Core specs include a 4.3in display (480 x 800), 1.2GHz dual-core processor and 1GB of RAM. Yep, very S2.

There’s also 8GB internal storage, which is – thankfully – augmentable via microSD, a 5MP rear camera with LED flash, front-facing shooter, “long-lasting” 1,800mAh battery, and Jelly Bean (Android 4.1).

The Samsung Galaxy Core also boasts (if that’s the right word) a “wide array of smart features”, including Smart Stay (dims the screen when you look away), Smart Alert (relays alerts for missed calls and messages when the phone is picked up), Motion UI (assign motions to functions such as refresh and mute) and S Voice (voice command functionality). Phew.

It's vaguely amusing that the Samsung Galaxy Core would’ve been considered flagship material just a couple of years ago. Now it’s being described as “low-end”.

It’s not clear where the Samsung Galaxy Core will be released, but the dual-SIM version will land this month, with the single-SIM variant following in July.

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