Samsung Galaxy Gio (from MWC 2011)

Samsung Galaxy Gio (from MWC 2011)The Samsung Galaxy Gio is the second of four budget handsets shown off by the Koreans at Mobile World Congress. In the world of baby names, Gio means ‘merciful’. We’re pretty sure that had absolutely nothing to do with Samsung naming the Galaxy Gio. Unless its modest specs are somehow intended to show mercy on more powerful smartphones. Who can say?

Under the hood, the Samsung Galaxy Gio is incredibly similar to the Samsung Galaxy Ace. It has an 800MHz processor and runs Android 2.2. However, it differs on the outside, with a more curvaceous body. We like curvaceous bodies.

The specs aren’t entirely the same though. That'd be silly. The Samsung Galaxy Gio tones it down a little with a 3.2in display and 3MP camera (compared to 3.5in and 5MP on the Samsung Galaxy Ace).

The Samsung Galaxy Gio is expected to ship with the rest of its mid-range siblings in March.

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