Samsung Galaxy Golden: another Sammo flip-phone

Samsung Galaxy Golden: another Sammo flip-phoneNo, you haven’t lost the plot, and nor have you travelled back in time. Nauseatingly prolific South Korean manufacturer Samsung has announced another flip-phone.

Less than two weeks after we wrote about the Samsung Hennessy, the world’s top mobile manufacturer has lifted the lid on the Samsung Galaxy Golden.

Looking at the specs, we’re fairly certain that this is the phone we scribbled about previously as the Samsung Galaxy Folder.

In any case, Samsung Galaxy Golden specs include dual 3.7in Super AMOLED displays, a dual-core processor clocked at 1.7GHz, 8MP rear camera, and Jelly Bean (Android 4.2).

Oh, and of course below the Samsung Galaxy Golden’s internal display is a full-blown numeric keypad, with every number you can think of from 0 to 9.

It seems that the Samsung Galaxy Golden is possibly aimed at those in their, eh, golden years, with “easy mode” homescreen optimisation, a pedometer in conjunction with S Health, business card recognition, and an FM radio.

Samsung Galaxy Golden price weighs in at 790,000 Korean won, which translates as £450. However, like the Samsung Hennessy, we don’t expect to see the Samsung Galaxy Golden wander too far from its home out east. Bothered?

via: Engadget

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