Now the Samsung Galaxy S II is coming next month!

Now the Samsung Galaxy S II is coming next month!Something strange seems to be happening in mobile phone world. We've become sadly accustomed to having to wait longer for our favourite bits of mobile kit than we thought would be the case. But now it seems the opposite is happening.

First we had the genuine surprise of seeing the HTC Incredible S getting the quiet all clear to start shipping this very weekend, and now Samsung's Galaxy S II's release appears to have been moved up to as early as mid-March.

Earlier this week we had Expansys dishing up some pre-order Galaxy S II goodness, listing an April 18 launch date and a SIM-free price of £650 for the 16GB version.

But fellow online retailer Clove has just trumped all that, claiming that early stock of both the 16GB and 32GB versions of the Gingerbread-munching handset will be landing on doorsteps in mid-to-late March. It's cheaper too, with the 16GB version listed at £612, and the 32GB at £708.

Of course, the likes of Clove and Expansys are well known for laying down SIM-free pre-order options for handsets well before the networks themselves get in on the deal, so until we hear from more official sources we'll hold back on the celebrations just a little bit.

But considering the impact the Galaxy S II made not only on us but on just about everyone else at Mobile World Congress a couple of weeks ago, any rumour of its launch date moving up is good news in our book.

Now all we need is for someone like to report that it's launching next week. Come on Sammy! HTC can do it – why can't you?

Update: well, there you go. is now listing the Galaxy S II, but sadly the launch date they have is March 31. Still, the good news is that they're only asking £599 for their 16GB model, which is the cheapest we've seen so far.

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