Samsung Galaxy S II with Tegra 2 rumoured

Samsung Galaxy S II with Tegra 2 rumouredThe eagle-eyed chaps at Pocket Lint have spotted a footnote on a press release confirming that Samsung and Nvidia are “partnering to bring a new Android-based super phone with a dual-core CPU to consumers, for never-before-seen experiences.”

The Samsung Galaxy S II uses Samsung’s own dual-core application processor. Surely a sequel to the S II isn’t in the works already? Well, probably not. Maybe.

The Pocket Lint guys grabbed a Samsung rep at Mobile World Congress, who flicked through a catalogue to the Samsung Galaxy S II specs. An asterisk beside the processor info states: “May not be applicable in some regions”. The Sammy rep then added: “There are no Tegra 2 dual-core phones on the stand,” before slinking off.

An Nvidia spokesperson at the conference would only confirm: “[we are] working with Samsung, as we stated in our press release earlier in the week.” Very good.

So there might be a sequel to the Samsung Galaxy S II in the works, but it seems unlikely at this stage. The Samsung Galaxy S II was officially unveiled at Mobile World Congress just six days ago.

Alternatively, we could see two versions of the Samsung Galaxy S II, one with Samsung’s own processor, and another with Nvidia’s gaming-oriented Tegra 2.

Time will tell. The expected release date for the Samsung Galaxy S II is, erm, soonish. End of February/beginning of March, we reckon.

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Johnmcl7  Feb. 20, 2011 at 02:48

You're a bit slow here as this phone was found last week along with the rest of its technical details. The GT-I9100 is the first Galxy S II and will use their new Exynos SoC while the GT-I9103 will use the Tegra 2 SoC. A possible reason for this is that Samsung may not be able to produce enough of their own SoCs to fulfil demand so they're going to fill the gap with Tegra 2's, on the Galaxy S II webpage they have a footnote that the Samsung dual core processor may not be used in all regions.

Also Tegra 2 isn't really gaming optimised, the first generation SoC was as it paired a relatively low power processor with a powerful graphics card but Tegra 2 goes the opposite way round with a pair of beefy cortex A9's. Graphics performance is only similar to the other A9 SoC's and looks like it will be beaten by TI's OMAP4 (which unlike Tegra 2 has dual channel memory and ARM's Media Processing Engine) in graphics rendering at least in preliminary benchmarks against LG's new OMAP 4 phone. Nvidia's recently announced new Tegra platform also goes more for the CPU than GPU by doubling up the cores to four Cortex A9's coupled with ARM's MPE with a smaller 50% increase on the GPU cores.


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