Samsung Galaxy S III: 20 million sold worldwide

Samsung Galaxy S III: 20 million sold worldwideYou won’t catch Matt dead with a Samsung Galaxy S III, what with its PenTile display ‘n’ all. But there’s a whole heap of people who couldn’t care less (or don’t know better).

Yep, Samsung says it’s now sold (that’s sold as opposed to shipped, ahem) 20 million Samsung Galaxy S III smartphones.

That figure would be mighty impressive for any smartphone, but it’s all the more impressive when you consider the Samsung Galaxy S III has only been on sale for – what? – three months or so.

Interestingly, the Samsung Galaxy S III is said to have reached the 20 million milestone six times faster than the Samsung Galaxy S II, and three times faster than the Samsung Galaxy S. Cripes.

Samsung reveals that Europe leads the sales table, with 6 million Galaxy S III units sold, followed by Asia and the US on 4.5 and 4 million respectively.

As for Samsung’s Korea, they’ve snapped up 2.5 million Galaxy S IIIs.

The Samsung Galaxy S III looks set to give the iPhone 5 a run for its money, ably assisted by the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, and not forgetting new wares from Nokia and Motorola. Oh, and HTC.

via: The Korea Times

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Pondlife  Sep. 6, 2012 at 11:34

The galaxy s sold faster than the s2? Seems odd. Come to think of it 6 times faster than S2 would need S2 to have been reaching the same amount recently rather than beginning of year. Other way round mayhaps.
Anyway very good going I guess, especially for a phone I think is too big.


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