Samsung Galaxy S III not appearing at MWC 2012?

Samsung Galaxy S III not appearing at MWC 2012?Oh dear. Rumours are spreading that the Samsung Galaxy S III, likely to be one of the biggest highlights at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next month, won't be appearing at the mobile showpiece at all.

According to The Verge, its unveiling has been delayed, and it seems it isn't a case of unforeseen circumstances causing the change, but rather a deliberate decision by Samsung.

It's safe to say the Galaxy S II stole the show at MWC last year, and not surprisingly it was many people's phone of the year. The only downside was that having gotten up close and personal with the Galaxy S II in Barcelona, we had to wait until the end of April to actually see it on the shelves.

And it's that point that has a lot to do with why Samsung is believed to be holding back on its successor's unveiling – though in this case it's all about the US. With the Galaxy S II only having gone on sale across the water in the autumn, it's still very much at its sales peak, and Samsung believes showing off its successor in the middle of all that will harm the handset's US sales.

We can understand the logic, but we also know that a company's showing at MWC can set a tone by which the rest of a company's year is judged – LG and HTC are proof of that from last year.

And while the US market is obviously important to Samsung, and should be, the Galaxy S II has been a global favourite, so we'll be sad to see its successor held back for any reason. And we'll also not be in as much of a hurry to head to the Samsung MWC stand in a month's time either.

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mecsco  Jan. 26, 2012 at 13:01

Not really related to the article, but the image that goes with it - I take it this is just concept art still? If not, is the clock/alarm/weather widget something that is available (Beautiful Widgets...)?


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