Samsung Galaxy S III Mini: officially on sale from November 8

Samsung Galaxy S III Mini: officially on sale from November 8Fancy the Samsung Galaxy S III Mini? Each to their own, I guess. But if so, you'll be interested to hear that the scaled-back GS3 will be officially available in exactly a week's time, on November 8.

Originally pegged to arrive tomorrow, the Galaxy S III Mini's blend of Galaxy S III styling, disappointing specs and Bejeweled 2 will now take a little longer to get here but will be available free from all the major networks when it does.

Those disappointing specs, for the record, read thusly: a 4in Super AMOLED display, at 800 x 480, a dual-core 1GHz processor, a 5-megapixel camera, 8GB/16GB of storage plus SD card slot, NFC support, Android 4.1 and a bunch of free games. For a SIM-free £250-ish.

So (price aside) why disappointing? Because it's the Galaxy S III Mini for heaven's sake. Sticking that name on this phone and trying to get away with a specification that is inferior in nearly every way to the full-size GS3 (and the GS2 while I'm at it) just because it looks similar on the outside, only smaller, is pretty low from Samsung.

And before the kneejerk “iPhone fan” stuff starts up, I'm very much not – plus it's worth pointing out that a lot of the most vocal complaining about the Mini (and there's been plenty) is actually coming from people who are otherwise Galaxy S III fans.

Alternatively, maybe you don't care about any of that and you reckon this is a half-decent new release that looks good and doesn't seem massively overpriced. Or maybe you're a closet Bejeweled 2 nut. In either case you're perfectly entitled to your opinion in the same way others are to theirs, and if your boat does float that way, November 8's your day.

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Pondlife  Nov. 1, 2012 at 13:38

I think you were safe from the apple fan claims on this one whatever you wrote. It was a lame duck at launch and is now sitting square in the gunsights of the Nexus 4.

Needs to drop £100 of that sim free cost to get interesting now.

Besides Amazon gave bejewelled 2 away last week on their app store. ;)

moonmonkey  Nov. 1, 2012 at 14:30

Yup the Nexus 4 over that any day of the week. On the Bejewelled front. The games no fun. It's always game over when I get to level 6ish. No fun to be had....


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