Samsung Galaxy S III: official phone of the Olympics?

Samsung Galaxy S III: official phone of the Olympics?Yesterday we finally laid eyes on what we’re assuming – or should we say praying – is an invite to the launch event for the Samsung Galaxy S III. There’s a niggling doubt that it might be a Samsung Galaxy Something Else.

However, BGR has garnered a few more details, and its sources confirm – among other things – that we will indeed meet the Samsung Galaxy S III in London on May 3. Phew.

The shadowy anonymous sources also reckon the Samsung Galaxy S III will be the official phone of the London 2012 Olympics. That notion ties in with official yelling from Samsung from last summer.

Way back in June, David Song, Samsung’s UK and Ireland guy, screamed: "Even if [fans] are not in the stadiums, they will be able to see [the events] on their devices."

If, like me, you instantly imagined a Union Jack-adorned Samsung Galaxy S III, fear not, as we’re told it’ll come in white or black and blue. Thank furg.

Other supposedly confirmed Samsung Galaxy S III specs include NFC, 16GB and 32GB variants, a 1080p HD display, a quad-core Exynos processor and 4G LTE.

Roll on May 3. Only… 16 days to go!

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Pondlife  Apr. 17, 2012 at 11:45

All this official this or that of the games gets me down.


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