Samsung Galaxy S III rumours

Samsung Galaxy S III rumoursNow that we’re finally (hopefully) just over two weeks away from meeting the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S III in the flesh, I figured I’d gather all the rumour juice into one handy feature.

The Samsung Galaxy S III rumours started flying almost as soon as the Galaxy S II hit shelves last April, but, interestingly, we’re still not entirely sure what to expect from the imminent launch event.

While the rumour mill painted a fairly vivid picture of the top-secret iPad 3, or new iPad if you prefer, the Samsung Galaxy S III remains very much a mystery. Samsung is arguably beating Apple at its own game. Here's what we've gathered to date:

Samsung Galaxy S III launch date

The Samsung Galaxy S III launch date has seemingly been confirmed as May 3. Well, maybe. See, the invite thingy doesn’t actually mention Samsung Galaxy S III anywhere; it simply tells us to: Come and Meet the Next Galaxy. Samsung, if this is another bloody tablet…

What we’re assuming/hoping is the Samsung Galaxy S III launch event takes place in London on May 3, and it’s rumoured that there’ll be some sort of tie in with the Olympics. Sigh.

We’re also hearing that the Samsung Galaxy S III might enjoy a simultaneous international launch. Last year, our transatlantic cousins were several months behind the UK, and it’s suggested that that’s why the Galaxy S III launch has been held back: the Samsung Galaxy S II is still relatively new in the States.

Samsung Galaxy S III release date

The Samsung Galaxy S III will almost certainly hit shelves within a couple of weeks of the launch event. Shades of Apple there, again. Indeed, it’s believed that that’s one reason why the Samsung Galaxy S III was a Mobile World Congress no-show in February: Sammo wanted to close the gap between launch and release. That and the US thing.

Samsung Galaxy S III rumoursSamsung Galaxy S III display

The most recent Samsung Galaxy S III display rumour comes courtesy of none other than the AMOLED Association. We bet that’s an exciting place to work.

The AMOLED Assocation reckons the Samsung Galaxy S III will weigh in with a 4.6in Super AMOLED HD Plus display (1280 x 720), sans Pentile of course. That’d be a slither smaller than the 4.65in Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Er, unless they were just rounding down. What's a twentieth of an inch between friends?

Having said that, the AMOLED Assocation also reckons the next iPhone will be released around the same time, so maybe we should take that 4.6in estimate that with a pinch of salt till two weeks on Thursday.

The rumour mill has also been pretty adamant that the Samsung Galaxy S III will feature an edge-to-edge display.

Other Samsung Galaxy S III specs

We’re faaairly certain that the Samsung Galaxy S III will drop with a quad-core Exynos processor, rear camera in the 8 or 12MP arena (the Samsung Galaxy S II had an 8MP shooter), NFC for contactless payments and tapping fun and that, and Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0).

The Samsung Galaxy S III is tipped for availability in 16 or 32GB flavours, in black and blue or plain old white. As for a microSD slot, well, we’re not sure. The Samsung Galaxy S II did; the Samsung Galaxy Nexus did not.

There's lots of talk of a 7mm Samsung Galaxy S III, which hopefully won't mean we're looking at a battery life of 20 minutes. I think I speak for all the Mobot regulars when I say we'd gladly take more beef if it means longer battery life.

Other insane-o Samsung Galaxy S III rumours suggest it might be bendy (nah, Samsung reckons that’s still a good few months away), or – wait for it – 3D. If the Samsung Galaxy S III is 3D, I will eat Jan’s hat.

A single button - a Home button - is tipped to sit below the display, with a five-column layout for homescreen icons.

There's talk too of an HTC One S-style ceramic casing that's baked in lava or something.

Oh, and just this morning, Phil was scribbling that the Samsung Galaxy S III might be a disappointing ‘incremental update’ with some stupid eye-related nonsense. If that’s the case, I might end up grabbing the HTC One X after all.

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JanSt / MOD  Apr. 18, 2012 at 15:19

What's new in the Windows Phone world, man?

The ceramic coating on the HTC One S is not exactly tough, btw. Order a case with your One X/S, people.


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