Samsung Galaxy S IV: plastic, and proud of it

Samsung Galaxy S IV: plastic, and proud of itIn the battle for smartphone supremacy between the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III (or between their fanbois at any rate), Apple aficionados quickly point to the GS3's plastic chassis as proof that with Samsung you get quantity not quality.

But Samsung doesn't seem too bothered, in fact it's more than happy to reveal it's gone for the same again on the all new Galaxy S IV it'll be unveiling next week.

Samsung has never suggested otherwise, to be fair, but a switch to a metallic or even polycarbonate chassis would be a popular one, and one more appropriate to the Galaxy S IV's high-end billing.

But speaking to CNET this week, Samsung's VP of mobile business YH Lee argues that conventional plastic is both durable and easy to manufacture on a large scale – something Samsung is right to be mindful of considering the huge popularity of previous Galaxy S incarnations.

So a done deal, then, right? Maybe not.

Another Samsung chap has since spoken to BGR to effectively claim Lee didn't in fact say anything, and if he did it wasn't necessarily about the Galaxy S III's successor, and even if it was it might not be called that. If it actually exists at all. Which may or may not be the case.

Mercifully, the pre-launch silliness all ends in just over a week.

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stoneybok  Mar. 6, 2013 at 15:21

You really shouldn't be quoting BGR, 90% of his 'news' is fiction or copy and pasted from other news outlets.

loofer  Mar. 6, 2013 at 20:17

It was the flimsy plastic feel of the SGS3 that put me off. Premium product has to have a premium feel... or maybe not as the SGS3 sales figures suggest

ian2606  Mar. 6, 2013 at 20:59

I have the galaxy note and the plastic back is quite good actually......when you take the back off it is flimsy, but when on the phone its good.....and if it does break its easy and fairly cheap to replace, unlike other phones.....

SpeedyG  Mar. 8, 2013 at 00:22

In honour of Samsung's obsession with plastic, future Galaxy S's should be built locally

Rename the Galaxy S6 maybe?

I dub thee, Galaxy Essex, for those outside London on the go


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