Samsung Galaxy Nexus coming to O2 in November

Samsung Galaxy Nexus coming to O2 in NovemberSamsung announced the Galaxy Nexus just a few days ago, and O2 has quickly popped the super-smartphone on its Coming Soon page.

Unfortunately there’s no specific release date. O2 simply tells us that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is “Coming Soon: November”. Could be one week, could be five.

In any case, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus will follow hot on the heels of the Motorola RAZR and Samsung Galaxy Note, both of which are expected to arrive on November 1 (one week from today).

The Motorola RAZR weighs in around the £450 mark while the Samsung Galaxy Note is expected to go for £600ish. Hopefully the Samsung Galaxy Nexus will be closer to the Motorola RAZR in price.

The O2 blurb made me chuckle. Check it out: “Galaxy Nexus delivers the Google experience on mobiles." Glorious. I've been waiting a lifetime for the Google experience on mobiles. "The Galaxy Nexus phone is the latest offering of the Nexus Experience and represents the boldest Nexus phone yet, both in terms of hardware/software integration and cutting edge hardware from Samsung.

“Galaxy Nexus is the world's first device with the latest version of Android. Ice Cream Sandwich is a major Android release. It adds tons of new features and redefines communication and sharing for mobile devices.”

I especially liked: “Ice Cream Sandwich is a major Android release.” That didn’t sound robotic at all.

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