Samsung Galaxy Note 2 lock screen security flaw exposed

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 lock screen security flaw exposedNot to be outdone by the iPhone and its recently revealed passcode bypass, we’re turning the security spotlight on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

With a technique vaguely similar to the iOS hack, it’s possible to bypass the Samsung Galaxy Note 2’s lock screen. Kinda.

Via the emergency dialer, by pressing and holding the Home and "ICE" buttons for a couple of seconds, it’s possible to see the contents of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 homescreen.

In “limited circumstances”, you can also launch homescreen apps, and call contacts – assuming you have a Direct Dial shortcut.

The flaw was exposed by Terence Eden, who concedes: “It's true, this attack is of limited value. That's one of the reasons why I've disclosed it.”

It’s not clear if the technique works with other Samsung handsets; Terry only tested the technique on the Samsung Galaxy Note II (N7100) running Jelly Bean Android 4.1.2.

Amusingly, Terry concludes: “Samsung have a really poor record on Android security. Avoid purchasing their phones at all costs.” Yeah, I can’t see this dampening sales, to be honest.

Samsung has been made aware of the issue, but we’re not sure if we should expect a software update. Similarly, there’s still no sign of iOS 6.1.3 to address the iPhone flaw.

In the meantime, if you fancy checking out the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 security flaw in action, head over to YouTube.

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