Samsung makes Galaxy Note 2 official. Sort of

Samsung makes Galaxy Note 2 official. Sort ofYou’d be forgiven for not following SamsungMobileArabia on twitter (@SamsungMobileME), but fortunately – in this day and age - nothing gets past the watchful eye of the cybernerds.

SamsungMobileArabia has only gone and given semi-official confirmation of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

Of course, the idea of Samsung releasing a sequel to the ludicrously popular phablet isn’t exactly far-fetched, indeed it’s almost inevitable, but this is the first time we’ve heard the Galaxy Note 2 mentioned in an official capacity.

The offending tweet (now deleted, of course), read: "Which one of these are you excited about: #GalaxyBeam #GalaxyTab2 #GalaxyNote2 #Poll."

The Samsung Galaxy Beam and Galaxy Tab 2 are no secret, but the Galaxy Note 2 remains very much unofficial.

Presumably someone is being sent into the desert backwards and blindfolded on a Samsung-branded camel. Am I allowed to say that? Heck, up here we’d bagpipe them to death while force-feeding them haggis.

Recently we’ve heard that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will be even bigger (5.5in), with an unbreakable screen, and that it might go head-to-head with the iPhone 5 in October. Exciting stuff.

via: TechRadar

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