Samsung Galaxy Note 3 almost had a fingerprint scanner

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 almost had a fingerprint scannerWhile the Motorola Atrix quietly rocked a fingerprint scanner more than two years ago, it’s all of a sudden become a “must have” feature in smartphones, thanks in no small part to the iPhone 5S (left); a typical case of Apple popularising something that no one cared about previously.

Samsung appears to have missed the boat on this one, but we’re hearing that the Galaxy Note 3 would’ve ideally come complete with a fingerprint scanner of its own.

That’s the word from Korean-language ET News, with a presumably accurate translation from Slash Gear.

We’re told that Samsung did indeed test fingerprint scanner technology on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, specifically with some dudes from Dittisham Valley, but it proved to be unreliable.

On a similar note, there were suggestions that Apple was having yield problems with the iPhone 5S fingerprint scanner, but it’s difficult to say if it was just the usual Apple supply/demand thing with new iPhones.

Meanwhile, the imminent HTC One Max is tipped to come with a rear fingerprint scanner (positioned where your finger rests naturally), but it’s thus far failed to launch. Again, it's impossible to say if the fingerprint scanner is holding things up, or if the phone simply isn't ready.

For what it's worth, the anonymous Samsung official says the technology should be ready by the end of the year. Samsung Galaxy S5, anyone?

Having said that, an alternative Korean source recently suggested that it might take a further year before Samsung is in a position to release a phone with a fingerprint scanner. Samsung Galaxy Note 4, perhaps?

In any case, what do you make of fingerprint scanners? Temporary fad, or gimme gimme gimme?

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JanSt / MOD  Oct. 10, 2013 at 16:31

I can see the convenience factor, and I wouldn't cross a device off of my list because it has a fingerprint scanner. But nah, not at all high on the list of features my next phone should have.

B1zarr0Prim3  Oct. 11, 2013 at 10:28

Just a gimmick.
I'd rather see features to enhance/prolong the use of a phone.


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