Three Samsung Galaxy Note 3 prototypes being considered?

Three Samsung Galaxy Note 3 prototypes being considered?With the Samsung Galaxy S4 very much a reality, Sammo’s next big launch will most likely be the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

We’ve already witnessed some unashamed Samsung Galaxy Note 3 fakery this week, but the rumour mill continues to churn undeterred, this time suggesting three different prototypes.

The news comes via SamMobile, though you’ll forgive us for proceeding with caution after the aforementioned it’s-actually-an-existing-Chinese-phone fiasco.

The three Samsung Galaxy Note 3 prototypes sound fairly varied, with one borrowing heavily from the Samsung Galaxy S4 (meh), one adoting a “completely different design” (vague much?), and the third having a flexible display.

Not the first time we’ve heard Samsung and flexible mentioned in the same sentence.

A previous rumour from a couple of weeks ago suggested the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 might go down the metal route, in light of the overwhelmingly positive reaction to the HTC One’s design.

Still a good four months to go before the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 becomes a reality. IFA 2013 doesn’t get underway till September. In the meantime, we’ll keep the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 rumours comin’.

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matt101101 / MOD  May. 1, 2013 at 15:45

My money's still on a pimped up Octa-core Galaxy S4...seeing as the Note was an improved S2 and the Note 2 was an improved S3.


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