Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to debut Samsung Orb?

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to debut Samsung Orb?Cast your filthy minds back to before the Samsung Galaxy S4 launch, a halcyon era before Jeremy Maxwell came along and tap-danced - literally tap-danced - in front of a frankly baffled cross-section of the world’s mobile press.

One of the features that popped up a few times was something called Samsung Orb, though it obviously failed to materialise in the Samsung Galaxy S4. Enter: the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Samsung Orb, we’ve been told, is much the same as Jelly Bean 4.2’s Photo Sphere (used to capture 360-degree panoramas, essentially), which leads to the obvious question: “What’s the point?”

Well, the supposed Samsung software engineer in the aforelinked article said it’d yield “an almost three-dimensional viewing experience”, and would be “even better than Photo Sphere, courtesy of the S4′s amazing camera.”

Adopting that logic (and ignoring the original misinformation for a sec), the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will presumably rock an “amazing” camera too, as it’s tipped to debut Samsung Orb later this year.

That’s the story according to sources of Android Geeks, who confirm that Samsung Orb was indeed intended to debut on the Samsung Galaxy S4, but wasn’t quite ready.

Instead, we’ll have to wait for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 launch, which will almost certainly go down at IFA 2013 in Berlin in early September.

Furthermore, the sources say Sammo’s Key Lime Pie rollout will bring Samsung Orb to the Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note 2. There's also said to be tight integration with Facebook. Somewhere, Jan is rubbing his hands together hungrily.

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JanSt / MOD  Apr. 10, 2013 at 13:42

I tried Photo Sphere on the Galaxy Camera. Boy... so awesome for, hmmm... 2 minutes! :p
But I guess some people get a kick out of it. That's good, too.


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