Samsung Galaxy Note 4 release date brought forward as consumers go iPhone 6 crazy

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 release date brought forward as consumers go iPhone 6 crazyThe halcyon days of Samsung being almost effortlessly dominant at the top of the smartphone food chain appear to be well and truly over.

Sources from out east last night suggested the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 release date might be brought forward in light of the iPhone 6’s outrageous popularity, and the South Koreans have now confirmed that’s the case – without mentioning Apple by name of course.

That was the story over on The Korea Times, first of all, which relayed speech bubbles from the mouth of an unnamed Samsung marketing official.

"The positive reaction from consumers to Those two Apple Devices prompted US to Launch the Note 4 earlier than Previously scheduled,” says the purported official, candidly. “Samsung will be Aggressive in promoting the Note 4 as it's true that we are being challenged and pressured AMID a difficult situation.”

Quickly corroborating that story, Samsung fired out a statement via its official blog, yelling: “Galaxy Note 4 will be available beginning September 26th in Korea.”

Alas, for us in the UK, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 release date is still vaguely pencilled in for some point in late October.

Once the unchallenged King of Phablets, the Samsung Galaxy Note range faces a new challenge in the form of the 5.5in iPhone 6 Plus. It’s not clear just how popular the larger iPhone 6 is (as opposed to the 4.7in model), but it seems like Samsung is pretty spooked.

Earlier this week, our lovely friend Katy P predicted Samsung Galaxy Note 4 price could drop by as much as 34% in just three months.

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