Samsung Galaxy Note 4: three-sided display?

Samsung Galaxy Note 4: three-sided display?With the rumoured Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime threatening to come along and crank things up a notch in terms of specs, it remains to be seen if the Galaxy Note 4 will be anything other than a larger model thereof with a stylus.

One suggestion is that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will come with what’s described as a “three-sided display”. Alas, that doesn’t mean you’ll be carrying around a giant three-screened pyramid. Bah.

For starters, we have (Google Translate) relaying a three-sided display patent, with seemingly independent ramblings from ZDNet Korea (Google Translate again).

While there’s obviously a bit of a language barrier, the gist of the stories seems to be that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 might have display-based action on its sides, as suggested by the accompanying patents - initially filed over a year ago.

That means you could have notifications on the side when the main display is asleep, or shortcuts – freeing up valuable on-screen space.

This is all obviously conjecture at this stage, but speaking to Reuters last month, Yoon Han-kil, SVP of Samsung's product strategy team, said we should expect a "new form factor" on the Galaxy Note 4. Could that mean a three-sided display?

Tradition suggests the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 launch will go down at IFA 2014, which gets underway on September 5 this year. In the meantime, expect Samsung Galaxy Note 4 rumours aplenty.

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satchef1  Apr. 24, 2014 at 23:14

I'm really struggling to work out why this is a good idea. It seems a lot like that rear touchpad fad that was knocking around for a few months before it was ditched for being utterly pointless.


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