Samsung Galaxy Note III: unbreakable, flexible 6in plastic display?

Samsung Galaxy Note III: unbreakable, flexible 6in plastic display?The Samsung Galaxy S range may dominate the headlines, but for many the bigger-boned Galaxy Note series is the real Samsung flagship line. After all, it comes with a Pen.

And how's this for a bit of high-flying smartphone specmanship: the Galaxy Note III expected later this year could boast a shatter-proof OLED display made out of plastic.

That's the word coming from seemingly all-knowing Samsung blog SamMobile, and repeats rumours we heard from Korea's direction a month ago.

This time an unnamed “insider” reckons the Galaxy Note III will have a 6in OLED display (last month's rumour mentioned 5.5in-6.5in) made out of plastic rather than the standard Gorilla Glass.

Aside from its flexible, shatter-proof nature, the plastic screen will also be thinner than conventional Gorilla Glass, meaning the Galaxy Note III will reportedly come in at just 8mm thick, a full 1.4mm thinner than the model it replaces.

How this fits in with recent reports that flexible-screened Samsung devices have been pushed back to late 2014 we have no idea, but we'd certainly be keen to see a flexible Galaxy Note III showing its face at IFA in August ahead of an expected Q4 rollout.

The irony is all this talk of a switch to a plastic display comes on the heels of rumours that Samsung is looking to move away from plastic in the Note III's casing and use metal instead.

For more technical info on how it's all supposed to work, head over to the OLED Association.

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Stelph  Apr. 23, 2013 at 09:53

How funny would it be if they moved the case from plastic to metal and the screen from glass to plastic.

TBH I have no issues with plastic being used for either, as long as some of the cost savings that are made are passed onto me as the consumer. Its pretty rubbish if a metal cased phone has the same RRP as a plastic one for example


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