The Samsung Galaxy Note. In pink

The Samsung Galaxy Note. In pinkSick of iPad 3 and Galaxy S III rumours and half-truths? Then head this way, as we have just the thing to make you feel better.

It's the hottest new mobile release you never knew you needed: it is of course the pink Samsung Galaxy Note.

What exactly has going on at Samsung? At MWC 2012 we sulked a little bit but grudgingly accepted the wisdom of not announcing the third Galaxy S smartphone so early in the year, stoically making do with the 38 new tablets Samsung tossed our way instead.

But pity the poor folk at CeBIT in Germany this week, as Samsung has – seemingly with a straight face - “officially launched” a phone that's identical to one that's been out for months now. Only it's pink.

That's not to say there's anything wrong with pink itself as a colour. Pink phones aren't for everyone (and shockingly, we've even heard that some ladies have been known to prefer something else), but if pink gadgets are what float your boat, good for you.

What gets us is the whole idea of having an entirely separate launch purely because some bright spark had the eureka moment of “let's make a white one”, or “let's make a pink one”. I mean, why not just milk it for all its worth and have a launch event for every colour a new device comes in? Nokia launches would take months.

To repeat, it's a different colour, but otherwise it's exactly the – no, wait, hold the presses, it seems the pink version has a textured backplate, which of course changes everything.

Anyway, if you're interested, the pink Galaxy Note is expected to launch in Germany over the next couple of months, and elsewhere after that.

Despite this slightly over-the-top rant, the announcement is actually a blessing in disguise, as the weeks after Mobile World Congress are notoriously light on news (yes, yes, there's the iPad 3, but still) and this at least gives us something to write about. All we need now is someone to drop the old white phone bombshell at some point today and we'll be able to meet our news quota for the day...

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JanSt / MOD  Mar. 6, 2012 at 14:15

it seems the pink version has a textured backplate,

The Note I had had a textured backplate, too, and it sure wasn't pink.


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