Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 pre-order price: £649

Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 pre-order price: £649The Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 was one of four Galaxy Pro tablets launched at CES 2014 in Las Vegas earlier this month, and it’s now available to pre-order in the UK.

However, you’ll need a few quid in the bank (and then some), as the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 Wi-Fi pre-order price comes in at a whopping £649.

That’s the story over on the official Samsung Store, where the Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 Wi-Fi can be pre-ordered in black or white.

As for the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 release date, the South Koreans say it should start shipping on February 4, which is Tuesday next week.

Easing the pain somewhat, Samsung is throwing in a free Gamepad worth £59 for the first 300 pre-orders, effectively making the Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 price a slightly more palatable £590.

Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 specs include a 2560 x 1600 resolution on the 12.2in display, Exynos 5 Octa (Wi-Fi) or Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 (LTE) processor, 3GB of RAM, an 8MP rear camera, 2MP front shooter, 9,500mAh battery, and the latest version of the world's most popular smartphone operating system, namely KitKat Android 4.4.

Fancy software features include Enhanced Multi Window, e-Meeting, Air Command (hover with the stylus and press the wee button), Action Memo, Screen Write and Pen Window.

Who’s buying one?

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Pondlife  Jan. 29, 2014 at 15:37

free Gamepad worth £59

JanSt / MOD  Jan. 29, 2014 at 20:08

Just imagined looking at that wallpaper...fullsize and screen brightness on 100%... I'm dead.
Do I need to say it? Not buying it. Half the money and a full USB port.... then, maybe. Not.

Pondlife  Jan. 30, 2014 at 03:32

Well it's not amoled is it?

Think the not buying it is a given from you Jan :)

JanSt / MOD  Jan. 30, 2014 at 06:51

I wish, pondlife. I wish :p
But yeah, I'll wait for the 20 inch iPad - according to Gartners out in, um, 2016


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